Thursday, September 11, 2008


As an ayurveda practitioner I would love to share some tips for common beauty problems. Ayurveda says that every condition of the skin needs to be examined according to Vata, Pitta or Kapha constitution; their imbalance in the body will be reflected in skin imbalances.

Here are some general tips to try on different skin conditions. I have used them on my patients and have found them very useful.
• Fresh orange pulp application on face once a week. Orange has a cleansing effect and it also improves skin complexion.
• Dry orange peel powder paste to apply on face twice a week, for removing blemishes.
• Apply raw papaya and papaya seed juice on swollen and infected pimples. Papaya has antiseptic effect and improves complexion, and cleanses and tonifies.
• Apply ripe tomato pulp twice a week and keep for at least one hour before wash. Tomato is good to remove blemishes and increases skin’s complexion.
• Fresh methi (fenugreek leaves) for blackheads and acnes. Methi seeds have good antibiotic and cleansing effect on the skin.
• Grated potatoes for various black spots, infected boils, acnes and blackheads. Potatoes give bleaching action and smoothness.
• Apply fresh mint juice for acne with big lesions and pus formation. Mint leaves are very good to remove infections and good for blood purification.
• Lemon juice and cinnamon powder, in equal amounts. Make paste to apply locally. Cinnamon is improves complexion and lemon removes excess oiliness from the skin which is the main cause for acne vulgaris.
• Apply nutmeg (jayaphala) in milk on acne - it disappears quickly. The astringent property of nutmeg dries the acne fast.
• Paste of turmeric and neem in milk on oily skin. Neem absorbs the excess oil and turmeric works as antibiotic and purifies blood.
• Turmeric in mint juice on infected skin conditions. Both are good as antibiotic and for purification of blood.
• Sesame seed paste on dry skin conditions. Sesame is good for vata pacifying and tonification of the skin.
• Sandalwood (chandana) and turmeric in rose water for good skin complexion.
• Cinnamon is very good for skin complexion - apply with honey once a week to increase your beauty!
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